How to Impress An Employer Even Without Work Experience

Getting a job for the recent graduate could be really intimidating. The expectation for a lot of fresh graduates is that employers will not bat an eyelash towards their direction because they are the ones who do not have a lot of work history. However, this is not always the case. If you use a format that will highlight your skills, then you can have a chance at a job even without any prior experience.

To help you if you are a recent graduate without any job experience, you can try to find a good resume builder or template that will allow you to construct a resume based on the functional format. This format is perfect for those with not a lot of experience to show.

The functional resume is a good format to use because it highlights the skills of the applicant. It puts the highlighted skills at the top of the resume and this will help the employer save the time from reading through a list of work experiences and the details of each. Of course, if you are able to construct the information that you have well, then you have a good chance at gaining the interest of the hiring manager.

This resume format will give the applicant a little leeway when it comes to the strengths in the resume. For instance, the company might be looking for a designer. While you know that you haven’t had a job as a designer before, you can put on your resume that you participated in a design contest in school and won an award. Or perhaps you designed a program in your computer class that got you good grades. These are accomplishments that you can be proud of and that you can put on your resume.

If you’ve had leadership experiences in your school such as taking the lead in a certain project implementation in your school, then you should also put this on your resume. Employers love this skill in their applicants. They are always looking for someone who is responsible and one who has good leadership skills.

With the functional format of your resume, you can showcase your achievements instead of your experiences. Employers will still consider you a good candidate for the position as long as you have properly specified your achievements. While this will not give them the exact details of any past work experience which is common in other resumes, your resume will show them what you are capable of.

It is important that employers will see your capabilities because you don’t have other information about yourself that you can show them. These highlights that you have in your resume will contribute to you being noticed. Think of it as building yourself up and looking for means to impress others. If in normal situations, this will sound arrogant; this is not the case when it comes to writing your resume. You will need to show the hiring manager what you are made of in order to get their attention which is one step closer to getting called back for an interview.


The Cons of Using a Resume Template

The best reason why you should get template for your resume is that you can already focus on the content instead of the overall presentation of the resume. If you are looking for resume templates for free, there should be a lot of them that you can find online. A simple search of these keywords will give you a number of results.

While having a resume template helps, there are also a number of down sides. Make sure that you find ways to get around these down sides of using a resume template.

  • They’ve been used many times by others.

You are not the only person who is looking for a job. There are millions of other people who are looking for jobs around the world. A large percentage of these are looking for ways to make their resume an effective one and are probably looking for resume templates on the internet. For the certain position that you want, there probably hundreds if not thousands of people who might be looking at the same resume template that you are looking at.


Therefore, if you were the hiring manager, you would have probably seen a certain template many times. There’s a good chance that these trained eyes would find your resume boring because they have seen the template that you are using many times before.


So if ever you are using a resume template, one way to get around the stereotype is to edit the template. There’s a big chance that the template can be edited with Word, so you might want to keep that in mind. Try to edit and customise the template more just so that it will be unique.


  • The template can limit your resume.

A resume template is a guide for you to write your resume.  There are those who might just depend fully on the template and just limit their writing to what the template asks of them. Don’t fall into this trap when you do use a template.


When you write your resume, make sure that you lay down all your cards. This means that if you have information that you think would benefit you or the job that you are applying to, then you should put it on your resume. If what you have is not outlined in the template, then make edits and add it to the resume.


  • Don’t be fooled by the attractiveness of the template.

One thing that is important in a resume is that it should look professional. If the template has colourful graphics or bordered with balloons and confetti designs, then it’s best to avoid these types of templates.


A resume should look professional and formal. This means a minimalistic design and format is best for a resume.

Using a resume template is something that you should explore when you want to write a good resume. Remember not to be limited to the resume template that you use and that you should be able to market yourself well on the resume that you submit.

Putting Keywords on Your Resume

If you’ve read about the proper way to write a resume, you’ve probably read that your resume should be short and concise—something that will not go beyond a page or two, at most. There’s a good reason to this.

The person who will be receiving your resume is probably a busy person and as they say time is money in the business world. A hiring manager who has to go through hundreds of resumes just to look for about 10 candidates will not have all the time in the world to dawdle on a single resume.

This is why writing your resume in a way that will let the hiring manager easily notice you is a must. For one, keywords are an important part of the resume.

Whether you are using a resume template or a builder to help write your resume, you will still need to know the important information that you need to put in your resume. Of course, this important information is also something that you should highlight.

Going back to the fact that the hiring manager probably doesn’t have all the time in the world to read a full resume, what they will do instead is to scan the resumes that they have. Each resume will probably be given just around 30 seconds or less for scanning.

What happens is that once the word goes out that there is a vacancy in the company, of course there will be hundreds of applicants who will be sending in their resumes. The manager will probably just be asking for the top 10 – 20 applicants from the list of all the others. How will you go about doing this without wasting too much time?

One way to do this is to scan all the resumes. You don’t need to read them all, just a quick scan will do. You will need to look for keywords that are relevant to the position that you are looking for. Perhaps you are looking for an accounts officer. So perhaps you will be looking for a particular set of keywords in every resume that you scan. For example, you should look for keywords such as payroll, accounting or a certain accounting software that you use in the company.

This will quickly narrow down your search of the best resume. Don’t think of the fact that you might be skipping over some of the best applicants because you don’t see the set of keywords that you want to see. Remember that you don’t have all the time in the world to read each one and time is money in the corporate world.

So this is why you will need to look for candidates in the fastest way possible and not risk wasting your time on resumes that might not be qualified.

If you are an applicant, then you should also take notice of this idea. Now that you know how it works when your resume is received, you should take extra care in what you are writing and be sure that you make a good first impression with your resume.

Using Resume Templates for Writing Your Resume

Whether you are applying for a position with a big or small company, you will surely benefit from the help of resume templates. Just make sure that you are using the top resume templates to help you, otherwise you might encounter problems with writing your resume even when you are using regular templates.

There are a number of resume templates that you can find on the internet and it’s up to you to use the best one that you think would fit your needs. Here are a few criteria that you should look for in a template that you could find.

  • You will need to find a template that will allow you to write a good summary of your application. This is because there are some templates that will allow only a short sentence that will already serve as your objectives. This is not good as you cannot be flexible with your summary. Remember that this will be placed at the top of the page and this is usually the first one that hiring managers will read about you. This will be the place of good first impressions about your resume.
  • The template that you will use will need to be flexible. You might want to make a few changes later on but you find that you are not able to change the destination of some headings or you might want to remove one of the headings but you will not be able to. This will curtail your creativity in writing your resume and you keep thinking about the constraints that it will definitely show in how you write your resume.
  • The layout of the template that you use should be good and professional. Remember that the reason why you are using a template is that you need help in writing a professional resume that will be able to express who you are as well as show the hiring manager that you are professional with your work. Therefore, when you are doing your resume through the template, always check if the template will help your resume look professional. This includes having enough white space in your resume because this is something that makes resumes look professional.

When using a resume template, just make sure that you will be able to stand out. Because this template could have been used many times before by applicants, you might need to change a few things just so that you will not be sending in a resume that looks familiar to the hiring manager.

Whatever you choose to use for your resume, just be sure that it is presentable enough and that it will be able to impress the hiring manager not because you used big words or such; but always consider the whole picture of your resume.

A Peek in the Mind of the Hiring Manager

One thing that you need when you want to apply for a job is a resume. You cannot go without it. There are a few things that you must remember when you are in the process of writing a resume. It is that you must be able to sell yourself well. This is something that not everyone is familiar with.

In order to guide you, here are a few basic and common questions that hiring managers will want to have answered no matter what type of job you might be sending an application to.

  1.        Who is this applicant?

One thing that you need to have in your resume is a cover letter. This will usually introduce yourself to the hiring manager where you tell them why you are the one for the job.


You can also relate your experiences briefly to the position that you are interested in. Basically, this will give the hiring manager a good picture of who you are. If your cover letter is interesting, then they could proceed to reading your resume.


One thing to remember is to be consistent. Make sure that you can back up the things that you wrote on your cover letter, with the information that you wrote on your resume. You don’t want to put inconsistent information on both documents.


  1.        What will he/she be able to contribute to the company?

This is one of the most important questions that need to be answered. This is why you need to study the advertisement that the company has posted so that you can match your resume to the information that they will need. Basically, the hiring manager wants to know if you are a good match or not.


  1.        What are his/her past jobs? What did they do in those jobs?

In any resume, the hiring manager will want to look at your history. This means you should list down your past positions and what company you’ve worked with before. This will give the hiring manager an idea about your past employers as well as the responsibilities that you’ve had prior to application to their company.


  1.        What is their educational attainment?

Not all employers will ask this of their applicants, however, it should also be good to put this on your resume especially since this will give them an idea of your background.


  1.        Does the resume look and sound professional?

A resume that looks good will always have a good impact on the reader. When it is organized and the format is good then it will look easy on the eyes and very professional. On the other hand, if it looks unorganized with lots of grammatical and spelling errors, then it will only show that the applicant is lazy and this will not look good.

If you need help, then there are a lot of resume templates that you can use to help you with writing a resume. You can use Google to help you search for some free templates or you can use the free, downloadable ones from Microsoft Word.

Writing a Resume for the Non-Professional

For many, there’s some difficulty in writing a resume. This is true especially if you are lacking in experience; and this is the truth for many.

This is why there are so many who think that the best resume is one that’s filled with necessary information such as past experiences, education and a clear career path. However, not everyone is able to work with a Fortune 500 company, let alone was able to work at all.

If you are having difficulty in writing your resume, then you can avail of the services of a free resume builder. Whether you are a fresh graduate, a home-based worker, or someone who have decided to make a career change – you will need all the help that you can get when you start to write your resume.

Don’t worry if you are someone who does not have a lot of professional experience. Chances are you still have skills that can contribute to the position that you are interested in. You just need to word your resume properly so that the hiring manager will be able to acknowledge the skills that you have presented.

One of the ways that you can check yourself is simply to list down the skills that you have. This will help you later when you finally decide to write your resume.

Think of the accomplishments that you’ve also made. Perhaps you are a member of your local community church and you’ve spearheaded the launch of a program that helped to improve something in your community. You can use something like this as well when you write your resume. Or perhaps you have been working at home for a few years, then you can use the skills that you have at home and just reword it to fit in more with the goals of the position and the company that you are sending your application to.

The trick here is just to know how to properly word your resume. You will need the basic information that you have about yourself and then use it to relate to the job that you are interested in. This way, the hiring manager will still see that what you have written is something that could benefit the position and the company.

It’s also best to use numbers in this case. Perhaps you’ve headed a fundraising event. You should be more specific and write down the specifics of the event such as the beneficiaries, how much you’ve raised. This will help grab the attention of the hiring manager and it gives them something concrete that they can refer to.

You could also add other information such as your hobbies and interests when writing your resume; especially if you feel that your resume is still lacking in a sense. Just make sure that what you are writing is relevant to the job at hand. Always keep in mind that you need to give importance to what the company is interested in and tailor your resume towards that guide that the company has provided.

Specific Resume Content You Will Need to Know About

Writing a resume is not quite an easy task to do. There has to be a lot of taught put into it as this document will be the key to you getting the next job down the line. As an example, when you are an accountant and you would like to get a job, a resume for an experienced accountant would be very much different from the resume of a fresh graduate. Not to worry as you can get help from a resume template for accountant if you are one and you are confused about what you need to put in the resume.

However, different as the content for the resume will be, there is usually a common trend that can be followed and learned. Below are some of the common items needed in a resume.

The objective

When looking for a job, you will need to have a good reason as to why you chose that certain position to apply to. What do you think you can offer to the company you are interested in? You need to show the hiring manager what you have that others don’t; what will set you apart from the other candidates for the position.

If you don’t know how to write a good objective, there are many samples that you can find online. However, don’t make it something generic. Make sure that you will change your objective for every job that you send your resume to.


Here, you can tell the hiring manager about your past experiences at your past jobs. Preferably, start from the latest job and then move back to your past jobs. Don’t forget to put in the details needed for each of the professional experiences that you’ve had from your past jobs such as how long you were with the company, your position and any achievements that you’ve done during your time in your past positions. Remember to use action words here.


This is often not a requirement to a resume, but it still helps if you put it in your resume. You can’t underestimate the resume of someone who has graduated with a Master’s degree from someone who has a lot of experience but don’t have a degree.

Skills and Abilities

In this part of the resume, you can describe the skills and abilities that you think was relevant to your past jobs. You can also put in the abilities that you think would also be relevant to the current position that you want to apply to.

In other words, what you need to put here are those that would be relevant to the position you are interested in. Use bullets for this part of the resume as this will show the hiring manager what skills and abilities you might have that would be relevant to the position that they have open.

If you want to look for a good accountant job, then you can make a resume with the help of a resume template. You can also apply the knowledge that you have gained here to the resume that you will be making.