Creating a resume can be daunting for recent graduates, especially for those that have never held a job. For the broke millennial, a professional resume writer or other paid resume service is not a viable option. Fortunately, these newly minted job-seekers can find many tips, samples and templates online to help them out. For those who might need more guidance, there are websites like that help users write a resume, step-by-step.

Free Resume Builder and similar websites are great for any user who needs to write a resume, but are especially useful for those who don’t know which formats and styles are suitable. Through free resume building services, proper styles and formats are given. When those are selected, the user simply fills in the required information – contact information, education, relevant work experiences, etc. These websites often allow users to preview the resume at any point during the writing and editing process. When finished, the resume can be printed immediately and users are allowed to download and save the document so that it may be printed again later.

What’s more, many of these free resume builders also provide pointers that are pertinent to writing a successful resume. These often include wonderful action verbs to use, interview tips and cover letter advice. In other words, these websites are complete with tools that allow users to build a resume for any job application.

Gone are the days when writing a resume took so much time and so much guesswork. These days, writing a resume is a walk in the park with free resume builders found online. This instant stuff is something that neophyte job applicants are going to be loving.