There are many resume online templates available that you can use, should you need them. At some point in your life, you will need to make a resume so that you can try to earn some money by getting a job.


The first step to the application process in any job is for you to make a resume that you can pass to the hiring manager of the company that you are interested in. But then, what if you are a high school graduate and you want to apply for a job.


Not to worry because there are also resume online templates suited for your needs. You only need to go on a good search engine and look for the template that you need. Just be careful in choosing a template since a lot of them could be spam or you would have to pay for them too. Not to worry though; there are a lot of free resume online templates that you can use. 

But then, here are some information that you can use when you are a high school graduate and you need to make a resume.


The format is different from other resumes. For the normal adult resume, there is a need to be thorough with what is written on the resume. 


However, the part that weighs the heaviest in an adult resume is the experiences in other past jobs. But since a high school graduate is fresh out of school and does not have any experience with other types of work, then the experiences part of the resume would probably be empty, or contain only few information.


  • Emphasize on your education. Since there’s not much experience for a high school graduate, you should focus on your education instead. If you think that your experiences won’t qualify you well for the position in the company, then it would be better to show the hiring manager your educational qualifications.


  • Tell the hiring manager what you can offer them. This is a must for every resume. This is usually what the hiring manager will be looking for when they are reading your resume. Just let them know that even if you are only a high school graduate without much experience in work, you still have something to offer them.


  • Be proud of your achievements. Surely, you have achievements that you got in school. Write these on your resume. Just make sure that those achievements you write are relevant to the job that you are applying for.
  • A fresh out of high school person who wants to apply for a job should have a special resume. You should emphasize your academic aspect and also your existing skills.



There are resume online templates that you can find to help you make a good resume. This will make it easier for you in terms of the format and the style. It’s still best to keep in mind the tips above when you search for resume online templates to use for high school graduates.