When applying for a job, you should know that you are not the only one doing so. There would probably be hundreds of applicants for any job. The question then is, how are you going to stand out amongst this crowd of other applicants?

Well, this is often the question that many applicants ask themselves when they know that they are all applying for the same job. This is why it is very important to keep a resume which is effective and will be able to catch the attention of the employer. However, fact is that when it comes to reviewing the resumes, each applicant’s resume will only have 5-7 seconds to catch the attention of the employer.

Therefore, here are a few things to remember when you want to have a good and effective resume.

  • Keep it simple and short

A long resume could contain a lot of information, but it could also contain a lot of false information. Some employers don’t have the time to read through a lot of things, and therefore you should make sure that your resume is short, yet concise. A short resume that covers all the important things about the applicant all in the first page is ideal. To make it even simpler, you should limit the font to either Times New Roman or Arial. You don’t need to have fancy fonts in your resume; they are pretty, but oftentimes, they are very unreadable.

  • Be good with your headings

Make use of bullet points and bold headings when making your resume. An effective resume will be able to catch an employer’s attention with bold headings. If you have special skills relevant to the job, then make sure that they are in bullet points. Remember that a resume is often only scanned quickly, and you only have seconds to make sure that you catch the attention of the employer.

  • Don’t forget your contact details

The best place to put your contact details is on the top of the page, along with your name. You need to place your contact number and email address on the top of the page, near your name. This is so that the employer will know who you are and how to contact you should they be interested in you.

  • Customize your resume

Since you are applying for a certain position, then you should customize your resume to fit that position that you are interested in. If you have skills that you can use for the job, then list them on the resume.

If you have any problems with making your resume, then you can go to a resume builder. There are currently a lot of these on the internet and many of them are free. Of course, you shouldn’t just depend on the builder the whole time. Make sure that you also read what the builder writes up for you. Even though it is a resume builder, you will still be able to create effective resume by using it.