Writing a resume is not quite an easy task to do. There has to be a lot of taught put into it as this document will be the key to you getting the next job down the line. As an example, when you are an accountant and you would like to get a job, a resume for an experienced accountant would be very much different from the resume of a fresh graduate. Not to worry as you can get help from a resume template for accountant if you are one and you are confused about what you need to put in the resume.

However, different as the content for the resume will be, there is usually a common trend that can be followed and learned. Below are some of the common items needed in a resume.

The objective

When looking for a job, you will need to have a good reason as to why you chose that certain position to apply to. What do you think you can offer to the company you are interested in? You need to show the hiring manager what you have that others don’t; what will set you apart from the other candidates for the position.

If you don’t know how to write a good objective, there are many samples that you can find online. However, don’t make it something generic. Make sure that you will change your objective for every job that you send your resume to.


Here, you can tell the hiring manager about your past experiences at your past jobs. Preferably, start from the latest job and then move back to your past jobs. Don’t forget to put in the details needed for each of the professional experiences that you’ve had from your past jobs such as how long you were with the company, your position and any achievements that you’ve done during your time in your past positions. Remember to use action words here.


This is often not a requirement to a resume, but it still helps if you put it in your resume. You can’t underestimate the resume of someone who has graduated with a Master’s degree from someone who has a lot of experience but don’t have a degree.

Skills and Abilities

In this part of the resume, you can describe the skills and abilities that you think was relevant to your past jobs. You can also put in the abilities that you think would also be relevant to the current position that you want to apply to.

In other words, what you need to put here are those that would be relevant to the position you are interested in. Use bullets for this part of the resume as this will show the hiring manager what skills and abilities you might have that would be relevant to the position that they have open.

If you want to look for a good accountant job, then you can make a resume with the help of a resume template. You can also apply the knowledge that you have gained here to the resume that you will be making.