One thing that you need when you want to apply for a job is a resume. You cannot go without it. There are a few things that you must remember when you are in the process of writing a resume. It is that you must be able to sell yourself well. This is something that not everyone is familiar with.

In order to guide you, here are a few basic and common questions that hiring managers will want to have answered no matter what type of job you might be sending an application to.

  1.        Who is this applicant?

One thing that you need to have in your resume is a cover letter. This will usually introduce yourself to the hiring manager where you tell them why you are the one for the job.


You can also relate your experiences briefly to the position that you are interested in. Basically, this will give the hiring manager a good picture of who you are. If your cover letter is interesting, then they could proceed to reading your resume.


One thing to remember is to be consistent. Make sure that you can back up the things that you wrote on your cover letter, with the information that you wrote on your resume. You don’t want to put inconsistent information on both documents.


  1.        What will he/she be able to contribute to the company?

This is one of the most important questions that need to be answered. This is why you need to study the advertisement that the company has posted so that you can match your resume to the information that they will need. Basically, the hiring manager wants to know if you are a good match or not.


  1.        What are his/her past jobs? What did they do in those jobs?

In any resume, the hiring manager will want to look at your history. This means you should list down your past positions and what company you’ve worked with before. This will give the hiring manager an idea about your past employers as well as the responsibilities that you’ve had prior to application to their company.


  1.        What is their educational attainment?

Not all employers will ask this of their applicants, however, it should also be good to put this on your resume especially since this will give them an idea of your background.


  1.        Does the resume look and sound professional?

A resume that looks good will always have a good impact on the reader. When it is organized and the format is good then it will look easy on the eyes and very professional. On the other hand, if it looks unorganized with lots of grammatical and spelling errors, then it will only show that the applicant is lazy and this will not look good.

If you need help, then there are a lot of resume templates that you can use to help you with writing a resume. You can use Google to help you search for some free templates or you can use the free, downloadable ones from Microsoft Word.