Whether you are applying for a position with a big or small company, you will surely benefit from the help of resume templates. Just make sure that you are using the top resume templates to help you, otherwise you might encounter problems with writing your resume even when you are using regular templates.

There are a number of resume templates that you can find on the internet and it’s up to you to use the best one that you think would fit your needs. Here are a few criteria that you should look for in a template that you could find.

  • You will need to find a template that will allow you to write a good summary of your application. This is because there are some templates that will allow only a short sentence that will already serve as your objectives. This is not good as you cannot be flexible with your summary. Remember that this will be placed at the top of the page and this is usually the first one that hiring managers will read about you. This will be the place of good first impressions about your resume.
  • The template that you will use will need to be flexible. You might want to make a few changes later on but you find that you are not able to change the destination of some headings or you might want to remove one of the headings but you will not be able to. This will curtail your creativity in writing your resume and you keep thinking about the constraints that it will definitely show in how you write your resume.
  • The layout of the template that you use should be good and professional. Remember that the reason why you are using a template is that you need help in writing a professional resume that will be able to express who you are as well as show the hiring manager that you are professional with your work. Therefore, when you are doing your resume through the template, always check if the template will help your resume look professional. This includes having enough white space in your resume because this is something that makes resumes look professional.

When using a resume template, just make sure that you will be able to stand out. Because this template could have been used many times before by applicants, you might need to change a few things just so that you will not be sending in a resume that looks familiar to the hiring manager.

Whatever you choose to use for your resume, just be sure that it is presentable enough and that it will be able to impress the hiring manager not because you used big words or such; but always consider the whole picture of your resume.