The best reason why you should get template for your resume is that you can already focus on the content instead of the overall presentation of the resume. If you are looking for resume templates for free, there should be a lot of them that you can find online. A simple search of these keywords will give you a number of results.

While having a resume template helps, there are also a number of down sides. Make sure that you find ways to get around these down sides of using a resume template.

  • They’ve been used many times by others.

You are not the only person who is looking for a job. There are millions of other people who are looking for jobs around the world. A large percentage of these are looking for ways to make their resume an effective one and are probably looking for resume templates on the internet. For the certain position that you want, there probably hundreds if not thousands of people who might be looking at the same resume template that you are looking at.


Therefore, if you were the hiring manager, you would have probably seen a certain template many times. There’s a good chance that these trained eyes would find your resume boring because they have seen the template that you are using many times before.


So if ever you are using a resume template, one way to get around the stereotype is to edit the template. There’s a big chance that the template can be edited with Word, so you might want to keep that in mind. Try to edit and customise the template more just so that it will be unique.


  • The template can limit your resume.

A resume template is a guide for you to write your resume.  There are those who might just depend fully on the template and just limit their writing to what the template asks of them. Don’t fall into this trap when you do use a template.


When you write your resume, make sure that you lay down all your cards. This means that if you have information that you think would benefit you or the job that you are applying to, then you should put it on your resume. If what you have is not outlined in the template, then make edits and add it to the resume.


  • Don’t be fooled by the attractiveness of the template.

One thing that is important in a resume is that it should look professional. If the template has colourful graphics or bordered with balloons and confetti designs, then it’s best to avoid these types of templates.


A resume should look professional and formal. This means a minimalistic design and format is best for a resume.

Using a resume template is something that you should explore when you want to write a good resume. Remember not to be limited to the resume template that you use and that you should be able to market yourself well on the resume that you submit.