Getting a job for the recent graduate could be really intimidating. The expectation for a lot of fresh graduates is that employers will not bat an eyelash towards their direction because they are the ones who do not have a lot of work history. However, this is not always the case. If you use a format that will highlight your skills, then you can have a chance at a job even without any prior experience.

To help you if you are a recent graduate without any job experience, you can try to find a good resume builder or template that will allow you to construct a resume based on the functional format. This format is perfect for those with not a lot of experience to show.

The functional resume is a good format to use because it highlights the skills of the applicant. It puts the highlighted skills at the top of the resume and this will help the employer save the time from reading through a list of work experiences and the details of each. Of course, if you are able to construct the information that you have well, then you have a good chance at gaining the interest of the hiring manager.

This resume format will give the applicant a little leeway when it comes to the strengths in the resume. For instance, the company might be looking for a designer. While you know that you haven’t had a job as a designer before, you can put on your resume that you participated in a design contest in school and won an award. Or perhaps you designed a program in your computer class that got you good grades. These are accomplishments that you can be proud of and that you can put on your resume.

If you’ve had leadership experiences in your school such as taking the lead in a certain project implementation in your school, then you should also put this on your resume. Employers love this skill in their applicants. They are always looking for someone who is responsible and one who has good leadership skills.

With the functional format of your resume, you can showcase your achievements instead of your experiences. Employers will still consider you a good candidate for the position as long as you have properly specified your achievements. While this will not give them the exact details of any past work experience which is common in other resumes, your resume will show them what you are capable of.

It is important that employers will see your capabilities because you don’t have other information about yourself that you can show them. These highlights that you have in your resume will contribute to you being noticed. Think of it as building yourself up and looking for means to impress others. If in normal situations, this will sound arrogant; this is not the case when it comes to writing your resume. You will need to show the hiring manager what you are made of in order to get their attention which is one step closer to getting called back for an interview.